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SpeechCare Center Abu Dhabi is a speech and language therapy project under the executive management of Farah Al Qaissieh, based in Khalifah City. It is the First International Clinical Center of SpeechCare Portugal, counting 15 years of experience and world-class speech and language therapy care.


Our first 15 years

In 2008, Gonçalo Leal, Speech and Language Therapist, brought together a group of young graduates and researchers to establish Speechcare. Envisioning a person centered approach, integrating the community, the family, and relevant communicative partners, focusing on modern and tecnological approaches.

Progressively, Speechcare has also become a widely sought-after training center focused on upskilling SLT and meeting the needs of families.

Team Members

It is rewarding to look at what has been achieved thus far, both in scope and in-depth: from a one-room office, Speechcare has grown to include 34 speech and language therapists spread across 8 countries and 4 continents, providing sessions in 5 clinics, 23 nurseries, kindergartens, and schools, as well as remotely.

At SpeechCare we are committed to responding to those who come to us to achieve their full potential.

With a person-centered intervention, supported by research, innovation and technology, we use the best methodologies and resources that suit the person's needs and expectations. At SpeechCare no one is left behind.


We continuously broaden our portfolio of partnerships with research institutes, universities, and other health and education players, believing that only a strong and versatile connection with academia and collaboration within multidisciplinary health teams will enable us to continue providing the latest evidence-based practice, powered by technology, to our clients.

Scientific Articles

Our team combines clinical practice with the authorship or co-authorship of scientific articles, ranging from early childhood development to the impact of virtual reality in stuttering assessment and therapy.


Our unique in-house technologic development includes an online platform, mobile app, and other complementary tools that bridge the gap between sessions and stimulate a greater level of commitment, helping families and educational professionals while speeding up the person-centered therapeutic process.

We look forward to continuing our mission in the years to come!

At Speechcare, we are proud of having helped thousands of children and adults to overcome challenges and to transform themselves into confident communicators, ready to embrace their own personal and professional challenges.

Now, we bring our expertise to the UAE and are profoundly committed to creating strong roots and helping the new generation to thrive via closer connections.

who we are

We are a committed and collaborative team, internationally recognized with customized services that promote communicative success and personal,

We empower people to reach their maximum communication potential

Harley Street Medical Centre

Opening Hours
8:00 AM – 8:00 PM | Marina Village
Villas A13 – B20

Headquarters (soon)

F-508, Fifth Floor, Wellness BoulevardAl Wahj Street, Khalifa CityAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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